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Carol Coletta of Knight Foundation unearths innovative ideas for making cities successful and interviews the people behind them.

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    Knight Cities podcast: David Maraniss tells the story of how Detroit exported innovation (episode 55)

    Detroit was once the innovation center of America. Ingenuity propelled a booming auto industry, Motown synthesized and popularized a new form of music, and social change poured out on race and workers’ rights.

    In his new book, “Once in a Great City,” David Maraniss has captured this story of Detroit of the early ’60s. Born in Detroit, David is an associate editor at The Washington Post and a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and bestselling author.

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    Knight Cities podcast: Bringing renewal to Newcastle (Australia) (episode 53)

    While between projects in late 2007 and early 2008, Marcus Westbury, a maker, festival director and writer, was exploring his hometown of Newcastle, Australia, and found dozens of buildings and once-vibrant streets that 'had fallen into disrepair and despair.' Today, however, Lonely Planet describes Newcastle as a city whose 'time has finally come.' Marcus' new book, 'Creating Cities,' tells the story of how Newcastle transformed.

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    Knight Cities podcast: Renaissance of Detroit riverfront invites public participation (episode 51)

    Make your way to the edge of downtown Detroit, and you will find a river. Until recently, it wouldn't have been a very inviting experience. But today, the Detroit riverfront has become one of America's best waterfront parks. Mark Wallace is president and CEO of the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, the organization responsible for turning the waterfront into a great place for people.

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    Knight Cities podcast: Philly park with renewed sense of purpose packs in the crowds (episode 48)

    Until last summer, Philadelphia’s Spruce Street Harbor was moribund, lacking people and energy. That is, until David Fierabend and his colleagues at Groundswell Design transformed it with inexpensive, temporary design changes that have made it the place to go in the city. He discusses the project and how it was done with Knight Foundation Vice President of Community and National Initiatives Carol Coletta.

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